Buyers Looking To Rally To Last Month Highs

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Buyers Looking To Rally To Last Month Highs

Buyers Looking To Rally To Last Month Highs

The price handle level of 0.69490 which for the has been a strong resistance level for the past approximately four weeks or thereabout, today has offered the market participants and in particular the buyers a broadway of least resistance as market speculators with one good green momentum thrust past the ceiling zone during yesterdays new york trading session.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit wikifx official website.

  Bullish market participants had been angling for this kind of price action as you can view on the chart with an ascending wedge channel pattern and higher lows formation.

  A further bullish move is still expected as market participants look to test the high price handle level 0.70 which the market participants would want to take notice of since, this handle line has been the high level line for three trading months of July, August and September and probably may be for this trading month, speculatively as, it may hold as a strong supply order zone.

  With such a large move up yesterday, a probable good market buy or entry will be limit orders at or near the line breaks of the channel or previous highs.

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