Usage of AI and Robots in Agriculture - Future Perceptions

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Artificial Intelligence is being used in different fields of life. We are going to discuss here usage of AI and robots in agriculture and how these can be useful.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is also known as machine intelligence. Artificial intelligence is opposite to human intelligence. Its reason is that artificial intelligence is displayed by machines and human intelligence is displayed by human beings. Nowadays, we are using applications of AI in almost all fields of life. In a similar way, we are also using AI and robots in the agricultural field. The most important uses of AI in the agricultural field are that we are using AI for weather forecasting and we are also using AI for identification of diseases and pests. Here, we will discuss some future uses of AI and robots in the field of agriculture.


Fruit Pickers:

If we observe the traditional view of the robots, we know that these robots are clumsy and bulky. It means that these robots are not able to pluck the strawberry fruit from the strawberry plant. Therefore, farmers have to get help from the workers to pluck the ripe strawberries in the field. No doubt, it is time-consuming and costly for the farmers. In the future, there is a possibility that farmers will be able to get a possible solution to this problem. It means that with the help of artificial intelligence, such robots will be created which have special vision system and with the help of this special vision system, these robotic machines will be able to find and pluck the ripe barriers only. Anyhow, the major challenge for these robots will be to withdraw their elements in the traditional fields.


Weed Pullers:

Nowadays, the major problem for the farmers is that when they grew a specific crop, some unwanted weeds are also grown along with this crop. If these weeds grew up along with crops, farmers will not be able to get the required production of the crop. Therefore, in order to get rid of these weeds, farmers have to use different kinds of chemical materials. These chemical materials are becoming a cause of soil erosion and these chemical materials are also polluting the environment. In order to solve this problem, in the future, scientists will introduce weed pullers. They are training the weed pullers in such a way that these weed pullers will only pick up unwanted weeds from the crops. As a result, farmers don’t need to use chemicals and we will be able to save fertile land from soil erosion.


Lidar for Farm Fields:

Nowadays, different kinds of diseases are flourished around us. These diseases are not affecting human beings but these diseases are also affecting the crops too. For the identification of diseases among human beings, doctors are available but if we talk about plants diseases, we don’t have doctors to identify diseases among the plants. For this reason, there is a possibility that LiDARs for the farm fields will be introduced. Talking with a dissertation writer, the main function of these robots will be to identify the health of plants. After identifying diseases among the plants, these robots will also be able to suggest the best spray or another kind of chemical for the plants. Moreover, these robots will also provide us with an idea about the other needs of the plants.



It is a fact that drones are not new technology because we are using drones commercially for various purposes. Moreover, these drones are also not new in the agricultural field too because we are still using drones for crop monitoring and map building. In the future, there is a possibility that uses drones in the agricultural field will be enhanced. It means that we will be able to do an analysis of soil with the help of drones, these drones will be used for planting, we will use drones for spraying and we will also use drones to analyze the health of the plants.


Farming Exoskeletons:

It is a fact that farmers are superheroes because these superheroes are performing their duties effectively. Now, the most stunning thing is that these superheroes are getting older because the average age of the farmers is almost 50 to 58 years. Its reason is that they have to work hard in the fields. Scientists are working on it and they are trying to build something that can decrease the pain of the farmers. It is expected that scientists will be able to make such suit for the farmers which will be able to last less pressure on the knees and back of the farmers. It is also a possibility that scientists will also introduce such gloves for the farmers which will be helpful for them to work with arthritis.