What changes does the POE 3.12.4b patch bring to the game

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Just these days, Path of Exile released the latest game patch named 3.12.4b. This is already the second patch update since they released the POE Heist extension. Players look forward to the significant changes and improvements that will be brought to them after they update the game. What they know now is that they will obtain unique contracts and a larger amount of POE Currency from the looted treasure chests, and the traps will activate after the quarantine begins.

Many players speculate that the game team will release the latest patch for POE within this week. GGG has released a preliminary update plan on the official website and forum to allow players to prepare early. According to the description of the patch list, players interpret that there will be a high-value contract in the robbery treasure chest. During the countdown to the isolated state, the traps in the theft battle ceased activity. They are now activated only after the isolation has started.

The zone manager now allows players to create new zones or enter existing zones in Rogue Harbor. They can no longer change their hiding place by talking to Elena on the map. Now players can definitely complete the battle with the twins without being trapped at the door. Mercenaries will no longer regress. Fixed a bug that allowed the sneak attack skill granted by the unique dagger hidden sword to use in the city. When closing the game interface after changing the renderer, the game client should no longer crash.

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