Can I Transfer My Delta Airlines Flight Ticket to Another Person?

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Even though Delta is lenient regarding its various policies, Delta Airlines name change policy does not allow transferring tickets to another person.

Many of the other popular airlines have also restricted the transfer of flight tickets. If Delta Airlines permits ticket transfers, it might be easier for any fictitious passenger to board the aircraft. This will only deal with the safety of other co-passengers on the flight. 

The only scenario when you can transfer your Delta ticket is when you have purchased a Delta transferable ticket. Since Delta Airlines name change policy does not issue transferable tickets to its passengers, transferring a ticket to Another Person is impossible. However, there is a limited chance of a ticket transfer if your Business or First Class ticket has been completely paid for. Hence, for this, you must contact Delta customer service team through their official helpline number. You can also contact the expert at +1-800-865-1848 for more information regarding Delta transferable tickets.