Considering I've been trying to have a lot of my buddies to play with it

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Considering I've been trying to have a lot of my buddies to play with it

Considering I've been trying to have a lot of meseta pso2 my buddies to play with it. No I can not say I agree. Fair enough. I guess I am just worried about how much Phantasy Star Online 2 would appeal to my friends who have no attachment to Phantasy Star. I dont have any specific attachment to some of those Phantasy star games, if it makes you feel better. The way I think about it is people attempt to critique a match (which is reasonable ), but your enjoyment of Phantasy Star Online 2 is completely subjective. Its not limited to matches, there is nothing wrong with loving a poor movie. (edit: im not stating pso2 is awful its just an example)

Everything else you only need to encounter, hate it or enjoy it. They do not have time nor the patience to find out just the surface. It's a crossover match that is small, and there isn't anything wrong with this, but most will walk away. I know in two days I return to Path of exile and burn off time waiting for a game. It's a cycle I have grown to know and love.

The main reason I'm doing so -- money shop. Game is great, although great -- not great. Once it appears deep and inviting, after you begin scratching the surface it's just another game which makes things which could be quite easy; tougher than they should be. No, the ONLY game I would recommend I have played in the last 25 years would be Hunt: Showdown. I am bored of this in like 50hrs, but damn, it's a game that is fantastic!

I wonder if some people today feel this way mostly due to the nostalgia of their dreamcast/gamecube days, and thats exactly what their most popular connection is aside from genuinely loving pso2 as its own thing? Majority of folks came from there, to this so it's a little weird to say that, I know. I state this whilst also being somebody who got teary eyed over hearing Chaotic Tavern at the rear of a Wankers (said fondly ) movie on pso2. I mean I had been out of thoughts sleep deprived and been on pso2 all night but, I digress. Don't judge me. My only problem is using MS Store being the spawn of Satan.

Phantasy Star Online 2, for me personally, has a whole lot to remember but and a learning curve, im fine with that. I got my mate into it, also. 2 on GC once I was like pso1 and I played. Then dragged my partner into playing together when I found Ephinea yrs. So I had to drag him to pso2 too. He has been mostly fine with it buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta too, besides us experiencing the dreaded mutablebackup folder dilemma and MS Store which makes me hate it, myself, life, and everybody else around me. The only reason I wouldnt recommend Phantasy Star Online 2 is MS shop.