Obsessive Hair Pulling Help - Trichotillomania Treatment

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If whole grain is impossible, reduce bread consumption, baked potatoes is nice as a substitute for your carbohydrate source. Consume a lot of vegetables and fruits, including banana. Tofu and tempeh should be a better option than red meat.

Fast food is not a good option for lunch, try salad or whole grain sandwich. Consider fruit as your best friend whenever you need a snack. Chili pepper in hot foods also helps in reducing stress because it loosen your stiff nerves and strengthen your blood circulation. For supplements, choose one with vitamin B complex and lysine amino acid.

PMS? For ladies, menstruation condition usually is the hard time for us men to interact with you, even in professional way. PMS is undoubted related in your eating style. Too much junk will not do well with your mood balance. Start to enjoy healthy foods which boost serotonin.

As for dessert and treats, go for yogurt. Lassies and smoothies should satisfy your appetite. Yogurt, while rich in starch, also great source for vitamin B6, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. These substances potentially relieve menstrual pain and eliminate the uncomfortable mood before menstruation.