Nike Air Force 1 07 White Metallic Bold

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Nike Air Force 1 07 White Metallic Bold

Nike Air Force 1 07 White Metallic Bold is a special sneaker worth watching. Just a few years ago, this pair of sneakers was ridiculed and ridiculed, and now it has become a shoe especially suitable for women and children. With the increase in demand, the Jordan brand performed perfectly, exceeding expectations every time. Now, in this new iteration, Air Jordan 7 is inspired by the clean GS design. The toe and side stitching are made of white leather, and the toes, forefoot, eyelet, ankle upper and Nike Swoosh logo are in blue. In order to make the design more beautiful, the white ankle shows the geometric design of turquoise, blue and coral. The blue-green tongue and insole begin to complete the new look, while the white midsole and blue rubber outsole are placed at the bottom to complete the new look.

Recently we have seen Nike spend some time in the Nike Dunk High Pro SB Black Gum Light Brown footwear collection. With the unfortunate death of the NBA legend earlier this year, each color scheme released is more special than Protro's. Next year, Nike will dig deeper into the field of vaulting and usher in a year of exciting release. This version may be one of the most representative colors in Kobe's huge lineup. This sneaker was originally released in 2010 and is called "Grinch". This sneaker is released during the holidays, with a full green upper, red laces and black Nike Swoosh logo. Although bright and weird, I hope these will disappear soon, because they are one of Kobe's favorites.

Carmen Nike Air Force 1 Mid 07 Lv8 Red White Black has a long history. Originally released in 1991, the Carmine iteration was the first Air Jordan 6 ever to introduce color paneling. Then in 2008 and 2014 for many years, it has seen other re-releases, but now it will return to 2021, and the sneaker culture has reached its peak. The release of the 2021 edition will be the same as the 1991 edition, with red and white uppers. The tongue and midsole are designed in black. The tongue and midsole are decorated with a black trapeze logo. The red lace cover of the entire shoelace system is decorated with a black trapeze logo. It will also launch OG height and the coveted Nike Air brand high heels.