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If you want a 92 OVR player, it will cost you a little more. To pick up a 92 OVR master player item, HUT players will probably have one of two options. The first one would be to finish the Winter National Week 1 Random 91-92 OVR Master Item choice set, Winter Nation Week 2 Random 91-92 OVR Master Item choice set. Users need to add one Winter National collectible and 14 Gold brochures. However, you may only get a selection of 2 cards, so you might not the specific card that you want.

If you do have a particular thing in mind, you will have to complete one of the eight 92 OVR master collections. Those are available towards the end of the Winter National setup folder.

To be able to acquire those, you could either purchase them off the Auction House or finish the Home, Away, and quantity sets which are to the left of the master places.

As stated previously, it will not be simple to finish these collections, as all four are still rather pricey.

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