There are pures that some people on runescape have

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Horse connection. Made out of: Any metallic pub. Made by: Using metal bar with anvil to make the connection. Nailed to carriage so the horse could be attached. Prerequisites: At least three smithing for bronze link. So that is all I have come up with so far. Obviously where I've put in requirements, Jagex would change to be more appropiate to gamers and the game and also, each segment would provide you exp in the skill it requires. Feel free to comment on the thought and give any suggestions that may make it Also: completely fire it if u hate it. I take it as constructive critiscism.

There are pures that some people on runescape have. But maybe they would wish to perform lets say a pursuit to have the ability to wear a rune platebody. But they would not wish to get that 18k in strength or defence!

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