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There are some moneymaking approaches that tend to become eternal: Covering the always-extreme source for certain products, such as raw material collecting, to killing monsters of various strengths for rare drops, and then playing the market by investing huge amounts of cash to make larger sums of cash. Of these, collecting raw materials is the cheapest but will require constant work. It's profitable, but you're essentially slaving away so other people reap the benefits.

Killing items is dangerous and has a factor of loss involved, but it's generally a hell of a lot more rewarding than collecting raw materials. It may, however, require personal skill, more knowledge, higher combat stats along with a group in certain cases. Playing the economy market demands knowledge, patience and a starting lien of gold. Basically purchase things for cheap, then purchase for a higher cost. The concept is simple, and as you need to keep track of the industry often, it's probably the method that requires the smallest amount of"job", however it will need you to be individual, make the proper choices and not panic.

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