I think this question kinda says it allIf a SS Hitter

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I play with OOTP off and on but the one thing keeping me from playing my franchises complete time in that is you can not play the real games, only manage them. Like right now I am doing a Giants franchise but that I simmed to 2021 and predicted up Bart, Ramos, Luciano, and Bishop. Today I can get a sneak peek at what the team has in store and revel in playing with some new faces.

I can't believe there were not more questions about franchise mode. I feel like lots of the proportion of people who don't play is because of the lack of improvement/additions. There should have been a matter of how likely we would be to play with franchise mode if there were improvements/additions. The man that made the survey acknowledged that stage and said he'd include more Franchise/RTTS questions in future polls.

I'm shocked to see so many people like pitching in online play. The RNG factor, together with AS purgatory and now that the playerbase is better HOF purgatory.There's times I just feel god damn helpless out on the mound. But I guess that isn't an issue with pitching instead just the playerbase and AS purgatory.
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