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I don't give a fuck. If the franchise community was seriously important we wouldn't get 8 bullet points about bug fixes, vague talk of X-Factors and telling us the 2020 Playoff structure proved to be a fucking feature. Make changes and I won't purchase your recycled crap. Someone else can spend $2000 on your own stupid sim license. I'll buy 2K's"non-sim" 10 times just to spite you clowns, EA. They have been making empty promises for years. It is much too late in the dev cycle to allow them to do anything about franchise style for Madden 21. The best we can hope for is improvements for Madden 22. Can you read the article? It merely talked about changes which were made to franchise mode for last year, which the modifications stated actually did occur. They just weren't important.

"We only need to add this wealthy depth and immersion to it we're beginning to consider it like a sports RPG." Every year they hype a bunch of minor changes and discuss how important franchise style is and will continue to be. And every year it's the exact same outdated and buggy mode it had been a decade ago. My guess is they had a strategy for this. Every year that they push their luck further and further before discovering our breaking point. This year was there, and now they will add in some kind of compromise which while likely won't be anything groundbreaking, it'll be something to tide us over. I will take anything at this time. Disgusting.

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