A Different Perspective on Our Fellowship With The Father

Understanding the deeper aspects of probabilities, probable selves and reincarnated selves is just the beginning. Of course even in your system, everyone is not at the same level of development.


If you are like many others, you are going to say, well, if all these The New Happiness Code Review other parts of me are living other lives in other dimensions, why don't I know about it. The answer is simple in the telling, but not so simple in the understanding. The individual personality, (that's you), KNOWS but doesn't know that it knows.

The overall identity, the whole self (that's you too, but more) KNOWS and knows it knows. Your whole self exists now, you are simply not privy to its knowledge, and if you were, you wouldn't understand it at this stage of your development. In other words, FULL KNOWING is in your future but not available to you now. Please notice that I said full knowing, not full knowledge.

As you grow in your overall understanding through the experience of probable selves and reincarnated selves, your knowing slowly deepens and understanding of what was at one time unknown, becomes known. I hope it has dawned on you that reincarnated selves are simply probable selves experienced through the window of time, and they also exist now. You exist in other worlds and other time periods relative to your accepted concept of time. Actually, in the one true basic reality of the basic expanded present, all lives are lived simultaneously.