The Big Bang or Creationism: Is There Another Option?

In this state of being there is only love, beauty, and peace. Life takes on a higher, deeper, wider, and more full expression of these qualities far broader and deeper than you could ever imagine. As long as your heart is covered with the veils of illusion you can only know these qualities


Wanting, desiring, trying, searching, and attachments are The New Happiness Code Review all immense levels of suffering. If you can let those veils go and come to God, and dissolve into God's will and the magnificence and radiance of life, there won't be anything left, but the peace, beauty and love of God. There are so many things we must all release, and it often seems like an insurmountable and endless task.

Fortunately, there is a way to effect rapid and wide-spread releases so it is not necessary to enumerate or remember every last item to be released. It is all done through the process of surrender, remembrance and meditation. To become free from the pain and limitations of life, you must release the past, and meditation coupled with surrender is the way. Here is how it is done:

Surrender is the highest and most important practice you can possibly undertake. Go through your life and give up, release and surrender everything you can think of. Every person, every possession, every feeling, every hope, every desire, everything you like and don't like. Include: your body, your need to be right, your dreams, your fears, your gray hair, your fat stomach, your anger, your mind, your mortgage, your mate, your need to be enlightened, your children, your friends, your enemies, your debts, your lacks, your limitations, your impatience, your mind, and your life.