OSRS Best Weapons: Is the Blade of Saeldor Worth It?

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MMORPG is famous for its buff and nerfs loop. OSRS is no exception, mainly because many skills, maps, and items have indeed changed over the years. One of them may be the Blade of Saeldor. Has been improved, is it worth using now? Let us discover!

The Blade of Saeldor is not tradable so that you can't buy it with OSRS Gold. But Buy Old School Runescape Gold is still the thing you have to do. It features 55 Stab Attack, 94 Slash Attack bonuses, and an attack speed of four. It also provides a bonus of 89 Strength, which will be the highest among OSRS weapons concentrating on the same attack speed. The weapon requires 75 attacks, but it's greatly worth the bonuses it gives, mainly because it even surpasses the Abyssal Tentacle in relation to being by far the most outstanding slash weapon. Among the one-handed swords, it's thought to be as strong as the Ghrazi Rapier OSRS.

On an even more OSRS community-related tidbit, one with the questions was perhaps the Blade of Saeldor needs to have a special attack called Saeldor's Strike. The proposed special attack was likely to deal 50% additional damage, knockback enemies that occupy 1 tile 4 ticks back and stun them. However, it could have cost a hefty100% Special Attack energy plus a 4-tick delay on your own next standard attack.

If that's too little of a problem to dissuade you from using it, the sword also loses all charges and gets dropped upon death. While on PVM settings, all charges are kept despite if death. So, if you're not the risk-taker type, then you definitely should choose another sword for PVP. But if you will want a huge advantage over your enemies, and therefore are cautious of others, then it's definitely a must-try!

To say that Blade of Saeldor is one of the more interesting projects in OSRS is an understatement because it can be said to be one of the best. If you are a one-handed sword user, you must consider using this OSRS best weapon!