NBA 2K21: How To Properly Report A Bug Or Crash On PS5

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Unfortunately, since the game was launched on the platform on November 12, the PS5 console has been crashing when running in MyNBA mode in NBA 2K21. Usually, when a crash occurs, you will see a screen asking if you want to report the crash. Many people may be reluctant (although they should), while others are reporting crashes, but may not know that their reports should include more information to maximize their impact. Players can also purchase NBA 2K21 MT to get a better experience.

The 2K development team aims to eliminate these errors as quickly as possible as best practices. These problems hindered games that could have provided an excellent experience in the revised MyNBA mode, and caused great frustration. The popular YouTuber and the main fan who turned from MyLeague to MyNBA, the king of the fourth quarter, also known as Kenny Beecham, came to Twitter to call for a fix to the model.

2K talk can confirm that some issues in the custom roster have been resolved (crash during "play now" and "freestyle"). However, 2K is still working hard to solve the problem to solve the problem of using roster and 2K scheme sharing in custom team design. If and when users encounter these errors/crashes on PS5, they should add the following steps to report the problem. Every 2K, this provides them with a better way to solve the exact problems that users encounter.

Users should always include their PSN ID. Per 2K, this allows them to retrieve specific crash dumps from Sony so that they can debug the problem directly. This is very helpful, because many times 2K tries to reproduce the situation experienced by the user, but there are a large number of variables used to provide custom patterns. Most or all of the major crashes of MyNBA may be resolved in the next patch of the game. Players can Buy 2K21 MT and build a more perfect custom team.

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