NBA 2K21 Next-Gen: The visual effects are outstanding

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As the name suggests, NBA 2K21 Next Generation on Xbox Series X is the next-generation version of the next-generation game, which has been evaluated satisfactorily on Xbox One. This version was released in September 2020. Here, the team of developers built a new version of the game for the new console from the ground up. But honestly, from the beginning, the visual effect was outstanding. On the other hand, you can NBA 2K21 MT to get more powerful players, and then enjoy the amazing visual effects.

That's right, NBA 2K21 looks great, from the way individual players move on the court to the wood that shines in the spotlight. The player model looks great and is very detailed in all operations performed; whether it's a paddock, participating in celebrations or listening to the coach in case of overtime. You are also full of realism, vitality and all lively feelings in the vibrant arena.

The crowd seemed to be real, the atmosphere oozing from the sidelines, almost smelt. It is undoubtedly a greater improvement than the version I saw on Xbox One. The feeling of movement is also very relaxed and smooth, the developers have worked hard to eliminate the delay in the steps, and the performance is more dynamic. Players' strange glitches and strange movements are occasionally kicked out, but this seems to be on the court during a timeout rather than during the game.

The next advantage of the next generation version can be found in the load time. In the previous generation, waiting for these loading screens was like a lifetime. Now, although it is not instant, it is really fast, and you will quickly get lost and participate in the understanding of the game.

The mode provided has some minor adjustments. You start with a character nicknamed "junior high", you can fully customize it from the beginning, and you will take them to high school all the way to the draft and the NBA. This is a huge sport that allows you to see your character build your own data and experience the painful moments of becoming an NBA star. In this version, you can now choose not to participate in college basketball, but to learn the profession of the G League before entering the NBA Draft. You can purchase NBA 2K21 MT For Sale and then enhance your game strength.