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White Knight reinforcements have not arrived and Sir Vant does not have much time ahead of the 3-headed Dragon reawakens.This rare monster has only 1 head still living and Sir Vant is too weak and exhausted to continue to fight it.You must venture into the depths of the dungeon to defeat this diminished Dragon once and for everyone to rescue Lumbridge out of doom.

You must have completed Dragon Slayer to obtain an anti-dragonfire shield.Meet using Sir Vant to start the quest.He will give you an armour which hasn't been proven effective against dragon fire,anti-dragonfire armour!You have been tasked to check the armor and conquer the mighty dragon at the process.Wield your trendy,new armour!

It is made up of head piece similar to a riot helmet,a body bit that looks bulky,platelegs or plateskirt depending on ****,gloves,gloves,an anti-dragonfire amulet and an anti-dragon sword that may penetrate the toughest of dragonhides.If you lose the armour speak to Sir Vant to get another pair and incidentally,these are untradable.

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