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Have you ever imagined sailing the huge seas of Gielnor, battling huge sea monsters and battling for glory, treasure and standing? This is the subject for you. Runescape is going to be altered forever by the skill of sailing: a tie-in together with structure. Making your boat is the very first thing to do, then you can paddle with your friends while fishing or create a battleship large enough to devour sea creatures and destroy your enemies. Let's begin explaining.

Once you put in your ship at a dock, you will enter your boat and it'll be much like entering your home except for inputting a paddleboat. As soon as you input a paddleboat, you do not require a particular level of sailing to control it. There will be a dock where you are. Right after that, your ship is from the port. If you move back or forth two squares by clicking on the water, you will not be at the interface , same with if you click to the left or right.

When your boat is in the port, people can put in it by placing your username only if you are inside the ship. Also for inputting the paddleboat, you do not need to click on any steering wheels to navigate it. For boats higher than the paddleboat, you may enter a larger boat where you are able to walk around. The owner of the boat can click on the steering wheel, letting you navigate it. Navigating more gets you experience in sailing.

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