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As you explore the hub, you'll find basketball hoops connected to the side of some buildings. Here you will be able to challenge other players to games of HORSE and half-court games that feature up to six players total. Along the way, you'll also stumble upon NPCs that will provide you quests to finish. Like their counterparts in virtually every other MMO, they'll have an exclamation mark over their heads to allow you to know they have an assignment that you complete. Obviously, there are also in-game stores throughout the planet where you are able to customize your character's appearance.

The Madhouse: NBA restart, Suns unis, NHL'94, NBA2K21 ratings

I don't know what I think about this. I think perhaps I am desensitized to jersey reveals. I still have my old Champion screen-printed stone from circa 1993 in a box buried in a closet. I just can not seem to part with them. I had been all over the trend of discovering the most obscure throwbacks for purchase when that was a big deal from the early aughts. My 2xl Bob Griese Purdue jersey that reads'Mitchell and Ness' but in fact is a Chinese knockoff adorns the inner wall of my garage today. But at a certain point it all just got to be a lot . I just can not keep up. So there is another Suns jersey. And I have seen so many . So I don't know if I enjoy them.

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