Boats are used frequently in RuneScape

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Queen: Good, I will cast the charm. A Cutsceane of the Queen doing magic things, then. . .nothing interesting happens. It didn't work! Hmmm, perhaps I am forgetting something. Why not find the book the story was writen in and deliver it back to me. Where would I find that? I am not sure, but it is possible to request the fairy godfather he can know wehre you can find it, it was called Fairy Tales.

The experience finds the fairy god father in a magical jail. Not you again, what do you want! I was wondering in the event that you might know where the book Fairy Tales could be located? No clue, that books been missing for decades. Oh dear I need it so I will free my friend by an evil force. I seems to me you're always in some kind of a pickle adventurer, and the majority of the time its because of your stupidity. However, perhaps talking to some fantastic librarian can help you in your search. Thanks alot..mumbles at least I'm not the one with mushroom breath. Nothing, gotta go.

The adventure then remembers the useful Varrock Librarian and heads there to speak to him. I am looking for a book call Fairy Tales, have you heard about it? Hmmm, I once heard a desert fellow speaking about that novel once, it was ages ago, but if you find him, he can have the ability to help. Along with his title?

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