The Forehand Deke works by pressing change RS

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For each one you will have to use the'Move Obstacle' option on Taurus. He will sucessfuly move them. Additionally, there are seven traps along the side that will deal 5-12 harm every time you walk (you can disable the traps with 53 thieving, which you will have if you've finished Desert Treasure quest). As soon as you pass the cubes, you will be in a circular chamber with six doors. Enter the third door in the left. If you enter any of the other doors, it will state that they will not budge (if you use the'Transfer Obstacle' alternative on Taurus, he will say he can not move it.)

You'll have to use the'Search' option on the back wall of the area that the tomb is in. You will come across a hidden passageway. Continue through it till you get to an exit where light will be pouring out of. Go through it and you'll appear near Eblis and the mirrors. Return to Azzanadra. Someone has broken into my pyramid!

He wore steel armour, and was a man of fantastic strength. I came in as he teleported away, laughing. I believe he's gained my key knowledge of the Ancient Magicks! He might have followed closely in when you were here. He has to be discovered and silenced. Yes I did. Here it is. He won't take it.

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