Individuals stand in a lineup and fall

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Which ever you chouse you'll also recive a emote or 2 if you dont have the bunny jump emote for those who have or dont have the bunny jump you will recieve the rabbit jump anda poultry chase in which a poultry apears and you also run in 3 figure 8s pursuing a chicken you then dip and the poultry disapears and your peson wonders where it went. So what can you believe please reply of and the reward #/10 and the challenge #/10 oh and sorry if I have poor spelling.

I just thought of a great thing! What if there was a exotic island in rs. It would only accessible by boat or tele. It could have all kinds of animals such as dinosaurs, giant snakes, fighter, T-rex'es, etc. rather than seagulls flying around that could be Teradactles.

You could also do a search to find and kill a giant python that you would need to attack in a huge swamp. Every dino you could think about ranging from lvl 1-100+ the largerdinos would drop b-bones, and teeth that can be drawn up into weppons. There might also be new armor such as a t-rex cool boneor something for a defense and dino leather can be made into armor, or you could get armor from the cannibals you kill.

Check out for more details.

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