The tribesmen and snakes are less common seen

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To guarantee that the place is not over-crowded, there is a max of 5 of the same monster on the field at exactly the same time and you have to wait in a lobby for 20 minutes before you become that monster - in this case the player controlling the current monster has 20 minutes before they're teleported out. If nobody is waiting, the participant can pay 50k again to turn into the monster. Like the idea? Support it! Jagex may alter allot of things but the overall idea is quite cool. Thank you for reading!

I'm not positive whether this is true, but I think body runes are the most useless runes right now. In free to play with body runes are only great for three things:curse, weaken and confuse. These spells weaken by 5 percent. Not sure if they have a bigger purpose in pay to playwith. I hardly ever see anyone use these spells at no cost to playwith. Im guessing its because the spells are not that good at weakening, can't hurt and cost 3 distinct runes. I believe everyone uses a flame staff in order that they don't acquire unlimited runes for these spells.

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