You use any skin onto a glassblowing pipeand

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You move beyond the tent and see that a lvl 150 shadow facing you (dont worry you won't need to fight it), next thing you know you are about entrana together with the shadow before you. . .but now lvl 200. . .saying please help me my body, I will pay you with much thanks. You eventually agree. You have to make a clear heavily defensed but light armor.

You use any skin onto a glassblowing pipeand it will say make clear armor, AGREE. Bring this back to the lvl 200 shadow in entrana and he will then ask for a drink. He needs a magician bomb. Bring the shadow a magician bomb and he will change into....none other then Saradomin....

Once you do that saradomin will bless your armor so it is not penetrated by the forces of evil. What a present for freeing him from his banishment huh. . .lol. . .but never the less after this happens the screen shakes and you here a rumbling sound. Talk to Saradomin (still feeble trying to gain power (full strength lvl 1250 but may never achieve that) lvl 750 and he informs you is a sign that Guthix is half-awake (not good)

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