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Eh, anchorable bubbles have been an un-fun mechanic. I completely support Dictor bubbles, because they need actual gameplay to use. However, anchorable bubbles are just bad for the sport, IMO.Yeah makes entire sections of null for new players or anyone not paying attention near immediate death. May also have an alt fly the same route and see if it gets gibbed first.Which I do not believe some people pushing for letting gate camping know. But christ, there are a lot of people foaming at the mouth to turn EE to a 1:1 clone of EO.

Yeah all of the EO hardcores of that I used to be one of, once I was younger and had longer freetime want this to become griefer heaven hardcore EVE online only on a telephone or 5 phones if we are being fair. The Issue is if they continue down the current trajectory of pushing everyone down the null-sec hardcore route they're going to have a hardtime with revenue when casuals paying Omega that deal with this like a real phone game start quitting becuase they dropped their costly ship autopiloting because they got a phone call and all the neighborhood could do is mock them and call them a carebear and inform them"perhaps this game's not for you"

Check out www.EVE for more details.

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